Google Innovator #SYD19

Once upon a time, Bella struggled in school. She has dyslexia. However, she loves to draw. Everyday, Bella felt stupid because she struggled with basic recall. Until one day, her teacher allowed her to use different levels of learning. Majority of these activities use the 4C's (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.) Because of that, Bella felt smart and was able to create sticky learning because she used her strengths to make stronger connections to the learning. And ever since then Bella was able to have more ownership and empowerment in her learning.

I am still working on a Prototype! But that is where you come into play, I need your help with feedback on my Google Innovator project. These prototypes will focus on increasing student learning for students with disabilities. Interested? Make sure you subscribe today!

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SYD19 Graduation